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Peacock Jewellery and Cabochons had its inception in our founding business Pretty Little Healing Crystals.

I've nurtured a life long love of crystals, building my own collection, embracing the healing powers, using crystals to heal others. I began selling crystals to as part of this process. It was something I loved, sourcing good quality crystals at affordable prices for fellow crystal devotees. That became Pretty Little Healing Crystals which has grown organically now for 3 years. It's no longer just me and my passion but a joint effort with my partner.

After a period of time, it felt to us that the world of crystals, cabochons and jewellery needed its own site and space to develop even further. We developed Peacock Jewellery and Cabochons with these aims in mind.

We carry a wide variety of crystal cabochon types and sizes for those who wish to fashion their own jewellery or who simply collect a lovely, polished cabochon for their collection.

We offer some types of crystal cabochons wholesale with plans to develop this range further.

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Our Jewellery

During lockdown we began to retrain as jewellery makers and silversmiths to offer a service where we can mount your chosen cabochon in Sterling silver.

We are also planning to make our own bespoke handmade Sterling silver jewellery, with and without crystals and take on commissions.

We'll also be using our contacts to source high quality and unusual 925 silver and crystal jewellery and pendants from abroad to suit any budget.

The Ancients used to fashion their jewellery out of crystals, they wore them as talismans, they wore them for protection and they wore them for their beauty. Today many of us wear jewellery and gift jewellery, the gift of jewellery can be a very personal gift. Wrapping crystals and jewellery making is a hobby that’s growing in popularity. Many people are tuning into crystals and understanding their healing benefits.

With our beautiful, varied and large range of cabochons and our developing jewellery making skills, there's never been a better time to offer our wonderful cabochons and jewellery to a larger audience and launch Peacock Jewellery and Cabochons as a business and website.

Peacock Jewellery and Cabochons